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The Rococo style, known for its intricate seashell motifs, delicate filigree, and organic patterns, rose to prominence in France during the early 18th century, particularly in the 1720s. It emerged as a departure from the formal and symmetrical characteristics of the preceding Baroque style associated with Louis XIV. Marie-Antoinette, celebrated for her bold and expressive fashion choices, embraced the Rococo style, a preference that led to her being dubbed the "frivolous queen." Upon her arrival at Versailles as a young bride, she catalyzed shifts in established norms, leaving an enduring impact on the realm of fashion.

Exemplifying the essence of Rococo aesthetics, this design showcases a meticulously carved shell relief adorning its lower band. The focal point is a captivating 6mm, 1.00 ct Montana teal sapphire, encircled by intricate filigree that enhances its elegance and opulence. Through its sinuous and flowing curves, the piece exudes an air of lightheartedness, opulence, and sophistication, mirroring the preferences of the royal court. The entrancing teal hue of the sapphire adds depth and allure, while the detailed filigree work underscores the Rococo style's dedication to exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.

Crafted as an enduring heirloom, intended to be cherished across generations, this creation pays homage to the timeless allure of the Rococo era. It presents a contemporary yet timeless statement, capturing the harmonious blend of art, fashion, and historical influences that define the period. 

Montana teal sapphires, a naturally unique and rare gem option with captivating teal color variations. Ranging from serene teal blues to lush teal greens, their tones gracefully shift with changing light. Every stone is heated and comes with a certificate signed by one of Montreal's renowned gemologists, ensuring authenticity and ethical sourcing. For a personalized hue within the teal range, reach out at before securing your artwork.

Every ring includes a 14g coin crafted in 999 pure silver,drawing inspiration from Hellenistic tetradrachms. It is accompanied by a bespoke display case crafted from premium Hazelnutwood and an authenticity card.As each ring is made to order, kindly allow for processing time.

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