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This ring features a carefully designed rope pattern that is arranged in a structured manner. The use of negative space creates a three-dimensional effect, giving the ring a sense of depth and dimensionality. The intentional placement of the ropes and the utilization of empty spaces work together to create a visually appealing and balanced design. The overall aesthetic communicates a sense of structure and adventure, making it a compelling piece of jewelry. 

"As a deckhand, they deftly handled the ropes on the ship, executing tasks with precision. Skillfully coiling and securing the lines, their intricate patterns becoming second nature. With each task, they felt a growing connection to the ship, the ropes becoming an extension of their own being." 

Every ring includes a 14g coin crafted in 999 pure silver,drawing inspiration from Hellenistic tetradrachms. It is accompanied by a bespoke display case crafted from premium Hazelnutwood and an authenticity card.As each ring is made to order, kindly allow for processing time.

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