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A bridge decorated by a pattern found for thousands of years in the middle east. 

Black rhodium plating provides a beautiful, high-shine finish that really enhances the appearance of your jewelry. However, it's important to keep in mind that rhodium plating does require some special care to maintain its appearance over time. Because it's a plating, it can wear away with time and use, revealing the metal underneath. To help your rhodium-plated jewelry stay looking its best, we recommend avoiding contact with harsh chemicals and rough surfaces, and taking care not to scratch or chip the plating. With proper care, your rhodium-plated jewelry can provide years of enjoyment.

Please note that the resizing option is not available for this specific ring due to its intricate design.

Limited to 10 editions.

Every ring includes a 14g coin crafted in 999 pure silver,drawing inspiration from Hellenistic tetradrachms. It is accompanied by a bespoke display case crafted from premium Hazelnutwood and an authenticity card.As each ring is made to order, kindly allow for processing time.

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