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Meeting Tomorrow

We live in a globalized world, where styles come to clash, blend, and transform quicker than they ever have. At Tyche we recognize being bold while also alluding to classics; some styles just don’t get old. It’s not about remaking the wheel, it’s all the small steps towards making something better, new, refreshing.

In Practice

Filigree, intricate floral inspired patterns, originated in Portugal during the Eight Century as an increase in Arab migrants brought new artistic influences.
The Mediterranean’s shores are home to many different cultures, all with longstanding artistic heritage passed on through generations. These places are home to some of the greatest artworks. Non of this accomplished alone, sharing of ideas across the world propelled progress. The fact being, 
we are better united.  


For these reasons we’ve decided that a certain percentage of our profits will go out to various charities. We will choose these in the moment, depending on where we see an urging need.

Message from the artists

There is a time when you get ready for the day or a special event. A time when you meticulously prepare yourself, choose your outfits, choose how you will present yourself and somewhere along this moment you pick up your jewelry, put it on feeling more confident. You’re not just getting dressed, you’re displaying the kind of individual you ought to be seen as, someone who takes pride in who they are. Those who dare to wear jewelry, those who dare to be acknowledged are the ones who will seek out opportunity and through this, good fortune will befall them.

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