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Presents from the past
Around the Mediterranean there were many advanced cities, each with their own politics and cultures. From shore to shore you would find silvers coins with Tyche, the goddess of fortune, on one face. On the other side you would see a god, goddess, or image that represents the city it originates from. On these silver coins Tyche was a constant, a unifying common denominator. In a sense we can say Tyche brought differences together. Fortune was sympathized between allies and competitors.


Dating from 95-94 BCE. Found in Syria.

On the left, a bust of Tyche. On the flip side, Nike, goddess of victory, art, music, war, and athletics. 

From us to you

With each of our rings we offer you a silver coin. On one face we depicted the goddess of fortune holding a cornucopia as she originally was on ancient coins. 

May this gift attract abundance.   

Gambling Fate

A stylish token to flip a coin on; as unpredictable as the sea and fortuna herself. 

"We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds." -Aristotle

Good fortune is often rested in risk and adaptability.  

Inside of box and coin displayed. with invictus ring

A gift of good fortune from us to you

Final Thoughts

Embrace the sea, embrace the Oceans, for their might and life source.

Submerge yourself, reconnect.

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